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Does your Brand Need a Revamp?


It’s not uncommon to immediately have visions of spending large amounts of time and money to attract additional clients when we consider a brand revamp, however, there is something to be said regarding thoughtful and coordinated shifts that give your business a much needed makeover.  The most important step is to choose to move forward!

Even if a complete renovation is what’s needed, focusing on one single point, such as your logo, can create a dramatic shift if accomplished properly.  Along with a good online marketing strategy, your online presence can be transformed, resulting in much more appeal to potential customers and the probability raises that they will remember you!

To provide a fresh feel to your business profile and give a punch to your brand image, contemplate rehauling any of these:


Logo and Tag Line:  A well designed logo amplifies your brand image, hikes recognition and quickly provides potential customers with a feel of your particular brands’ “personality”. Your brand identity and its values should be captured by your logo if it is effective.  To give your brand identity a boost, a change of logo can sometimes be the most efficient way to revamp your company’s image.

A decision, however, to make a logo change shouldn’t be rushed.  Once you’ve rooted your logo recognition, using it for many years, making a change has to be thoroughly considered.

Every business does not make use of a tagline, but doing so can provide a successful tool for marketing campaigns.  A tagline communicates your business’ personality and values similar to your logo.  Deciding to make a change in your tagline can help identify a shift in your company values initiating a new era.  Consequently, it can generate new curiosity from customers as it brings a breath of fresh air to your image.

Responsive Design

Website:  One of the easiest ways to change your image is to have a new website designed.  Totally overhauling your site can result with a significant impact, because in today’s market, most leads are generated through a business’ online presence. When you integrate well written copy with attractive graphics/photos and wrap it all in a great design and the proper use of SEO you have an excellent chance to attract additional prospective clients.

In all likelihood, the first experience with your business that a potential customer may encounter will be your website; therefore, it is worth it to put an extra investment of time and money to claim your ground in the online world.

Video:  The use of video to provide virtual tours of your facility, live demonstration of your products and to share testimonials is a strong asset to any business.  Whether you have a brick and mortar storefront and/or an online presence only, video is impactful because it allows prospects a behind the scenes view.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if it is time to revamp your brand:

  • Consider the personality and mission of your organization is your logo and/or tagline still relevant?
  • Looking at your website with subjective eyes, determine if the copy is current.  Are the graphics and photos relevant and up-do-date?  Overall, does the site have an outdated feel?
  • Does your site use outdated technology?  Keep in mind that Flash technology is no longer compatible with most smart phones and pads.  Your potential customers are definitely surfing on their phones, are they finding you?
  • Have you made a shift in your company vision or its mission statement?  Often we make changes as a company and don’t follow through with making sure that our marketing is currently resonating with prospects.

There are endless ways to react to shifts in the economy, your local market, and the ever changing mindsets of your customers.  It is especially important that small business owners begin to think creatively.  We see major corporate players revamping brands to stay ahead in extremely competitive marketplaces, why don’t we?

Also, there is a reason why people contact specialists in their fields.  Professionals know their specific fields.  So if you need help with branding, contact Creatative for a complimentary assessment!


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