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Magento is a ‘Top-Notch’ e-Commerce Platform


When you are preparing to set-u an online store, there are multiple e-Commerce platforms to choose from.  Unfortunately, you may not have an inkling about what you may value most about the functionalities of the platform when you are entering the world of e-Commerce.  We have provided many reasons in this article to prove the positioning of Magento as a top e-Commerce platform.  Magento constantly evolves to fit the needs of store owners as people are continually improving code, adding new potential features to the platform and making database queries work more efficiently.

  • Open Source Platform/Community: Magento is Open Source which means that anyone can change the CMS however they like. When people come across functions that their default Magento installation lacks, they can suggest to Magento to add the functionality by default. At the time of writing, the Magento community has added over a thousand new functionality’s and improvements to the e-Commerce platform through suggesting new ideas.
  • Extension Marketplace: Magento Connect is Magento’s extensions marketplace where people can download new extensions to their stores by selecting an extension key and adding it to the Connect Manager within their store. You don’t need to download, extract and upload the files via FTP so it is a convenient way to install extensions. Connect offers both free and paid extensions, which can be sorted by category and/or popularity. Magento’s flexibility allows you the opportunity to change your store in any way imaginable.  This truly makes Magento a superior e-Commerce platform.


  • Security: Security is always a main concern when using and choosing an e-Commerce platform.  Each day, with Magento, thousands of store owners, and their design and maintenance personnel skim through the source code of Magento.  When bugs or vulnerabilities are found it is easy for the community to submit fixes which will be included in the next update.
  • Community and Magento Support: It is an important advantage that Magento completely backs the functionality of their e-Commerce platform. Ebay recently purchased Magento, which means that it is now under the control of a Billion dollar company. This provides users both trust and confidence. Over 200 people work on the CMS daily providing regular updates and constant improvements.
  • SEO Friendly: One of the most important factors in running an on-line store is search engine traffic. Your store will not get visitors and subsequently, sales if you do not get love from Google!  The great thing is that Magento is SEO friendly right up front.  Therefore, Google correctly indexes your pages, and uses Meta titles, descriptions and Rich Snippets; an outstanding platform attribute! Magento itself is very user friendly and since its 1.9 Edition, by default is responsive.  That means your store front will adjust automatically to the size of each visitor’s screen.  With the popularity of Mobile Commerce growing each year, this feature is very important.  This responsive feature allows visitors to check your store in a convenient format that will increase your mobile conversion rate.  So, with Magento, you are prepared for the world of Mobile Commerce!
  • User Friendly: You the store owner was kept in mind during Megento’s development so managing an on-line store has never been easier.  Customer targeting becomes simplistic with Megento’s advanced reports and statistics about your clients buying behavior, interests, most searched products and much more. It is simple to integrate a visitor tracking program like Google Analytics into Magento, and email marketing is possible at the advanced level.  Send emails on customer birthdays, to abandoned cart owners or to endless other subgroups.




Handle customer orders, shipments and inventory with ease.  Use integrated UPS and FedEx connectors to simplify shipping.  Obtain trace and track codes from Magento’s admin panel to keep customers up-to-date on their product shipments.  Manage your store with efficiency using Megento’s built in automated systems for all of this!

But it is not just the backend that shoots Magento to the top of the pack, store owners find Magento’s front end also very easy to configure.  Customers can filter by products, by brand, color, size or price. Store owners can of course add their own custom attributes to make filtering more advanced for customers. The cross selling of products with your main product, is a simplistic with a one click and you are done process.  Same goes for related products.

  • Scalability: With Magento you have the power to offer thousands of products in your online store and inventory. The system is completely focused on growth.  The Magento slogan is “e-Commerce platform for growth for years!” Many companies choose to begin with the free Community edition and after they have experienced growth many adjust to the Magento Enterprise edition. So, the platform itself literally grows with your business!
  • Multishop: Magento has a major advantage in the use of multi-shops. From Magento’s single back end you can manage multiple stores on multiple domain names. As practically nothing changes, it is extremely easy for a store owner to open up a second webshop, all while keeping the workload to a minimum.  And the same admin panel is used to manage all the storefronts.  This is feature that marks Magento the best e-Commerce platform as a user who sells computers can now easily open a store that sells computer desks on a new domain, while still managing each store from the same backend.
  • International: Magento is focused on growth for your brand and business on a global scale. Their extensive language features are invaluable. With the release of Community Edition 1.6, Magento automatically adjusts the language of your store to the customer’s language dependent on their geographical location. Of course, users can specify their preferred language, which through a Cookie is then saved. .
  • Shipping & Payments: Magento handles shipping in a simple and efficient manner.  From the moment the order comes in the shipping process may be automated.  It can go UPS or FedEx integration.  Connectors are available for additional shipping companies across the globe.  Automatically add track and trace codes to shipments, send out confirmations, and provide status updates about each order.

Payments are also conveniently handled.  Commonly used payment methods like Credit Card or Paypal are built into Magento, and for any other payment methods used there are free extensions available. You can even accept Bitcoins with Magento!

It is easy to understand why Magento leads the pack in e-Commerce platforms! Over 600.000 store owners use Magento to sell their products online, and more than 32% of all webshops use the e-Commerce platform.

So if you are searching for a worthy shopping cart solution then Magento is the one for you.


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