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Web Design and Checkout Abandonment – Tips & Insights



For companies with e-commerce as a priority income stream — the design, branding and layout of a website has never been so important in encouraging sales. Just as the science behind store layouts help retailers get the most from every customer that walks through the door, the effective layout and presentation of a website is paramount to getting the most sales potential.

Checkout Abandonment Statistics

Site Speed

Site speed plays an integral role in generating sales. The average amount of steps through to checkout on the top 100 grossing e-commerce websites is 5.08. Consumers lack time and expect a swift, clear pathway to make their purchase, taking your customers through too many steps within the checkout will cause frustration and lead to abandoned sales.

A website which takes speed into account will benefit greatly. Simplistic design which aids the consumer through to the payment section will see a reduced checkout abandonment rate.

Site Speed

Visual Design

Design and aesthetics play a key role in persuading shoppers to buy. Indeed brand recognition, design and layout of the website lead to judgements being made within 90 seconds on a particular product. It is imperative that brands invest within their brand identity and website design to attract the attention of the modern day consumer. The products might be unique and of high quality, but first impressions count. A well designed logo and brand identity will invoke trust and interest and is worth the investment.

Checkout Abandonment Statistics

Security and Trust

Security is also an important aspect of the decision making for the online shopper. While the majority of online shoppers have become accustom to making online transactions, a website must provide the consumer with the feeling of trust.

To do this, the website must appear to be professional. Blurry logos and product imagery immediately cast doubt in a consumers mind. Logos and photography throughout the entire site must be focused, clear and it is best to invest in professional assistance to provide you with the correct lighting and composition to highlight your products to their full potential.

Poor logo design and photography will only look unprofessional and put potential customers off.

Remember your imagery communicates the quality of your products and business as a whole. You must emit the message of professionalism and quality.

Display clear card and security logos within the checkout to show you are working with trusted reputable companies.

Checkout Abandonment Statistics

A Cohesive Image

It might seem obvious, but looks are important. You are not there in person to sell your products and explain them to the online consumer. Your website does the communication for you. As e-commerce continues to develop rapidly, there is now little excuse for a poorly designed website, no matter what your budget.

Pre existing templates or themes, using platforms such as WordPress, Shopify or SquareSpace, will allow you to easily add your personal branding and products within them which can save some of the cost.

It is impossible for any start up or small business owner to be an expert at every aspect of running a business. Photography, branding and design in particular is a very specialist area.

Homemade attempts are obvious to the consumer, and although can save the business budget, will cost you vital sales.

While it takes a considerable amount of work to set up a business – designing or buying in products, developing a brand name and identity, and marketing the brand, website design is of high priority, it can make or break your business; those 90 seconds where a consumer judges your brand and products simply based upon aesthetics and first impressions of your site affects whether you can affectively make money from your business or whether it will remain unprofitable.

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