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Why Brand Awareness is Important


Brands_iStockphotoSize of your company doesn’t matter.  You need to market your products and services with every tool available to you. Brand awareness tops the list in the tools available to you; it proves to be essential in bringing customers to recognize and remember your brand. If you are a new business owner, and are struggling to find the most efficient way to market, use your brand in the creation of a tagline or logo.

An Explanation

To put it simply, brand awareness is a process; the process of building your brand and using it to educate customers about your business. By creating a memorable brand through marketing and ad strategies, more people recognize you and you’ll experience increased sales and repeat business. The integral parts of becoming brand-aware are the creation of your business name, logo and taglines. You’ll also need to form a unique image, identify your target market, advertise with your brand on a variety of outlets like cards, brochures, and t-shirts and encourage proper management of customer relations.



Brand awareness is of extreme importance not only because it brings customers to your business for the first time, it encourages them to repeatedly return. People prefer to buy from names they trust and that they can identify with; when your logo and tagline are simple for them to recognize, your brand eventually symbolizes your company and it’s the first thing to come to the consumer’s memory when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Build It

When you build your brand awareness you need to keep key strategies in mind. Your logo is the first impression your customers get of your company, but you also have to work to maintain that perception so your business is consistently in your customer’s thought’s.  Following are some aspects you will want to consider:

Brand images are crucial in the awareness-building process and will dramatically affect the ultimate success of your business. Images aren’t just logos, but graphics on letterhead, business cards, website, packaging and other advertising. Images should positively reflect your business, and they should be a good match to your target market and the customer base you are addressing.


Correspondingly important in the creation of brand awareness is a solid slogan. Keep it consistent in all your advertising and marketing materials, but it should also be pertinent, concise and be able to catch your attention.

Building a memorable brand means creating a recognizable logo. It should reflect your company in a positive manner and provide a message to consumers.  Importantly, it should be easy for your customers to connect between it and the products and services you offer.


You are sending a message to you potential customers when you build a new brand.  The message should fit your business and keep your intentions in mind.  Blend your message with your brand by integrating your mission statement as part of your ad campaigns.

Brand awareness isn’t just about creating an image for your company.  It is also about seeing it through the eye of the consumer and seeing it through from start to finish.  Use various marketing techniques in your advertising. Building a recognizable brand improves sales, increases your customer base and keeps those customers coming back.


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